What You Should Know When Applying For the US Passport


A passport is a traveling document that is recognized internationally. It is used to act as the verification of the nationality and the identity of the one who holds it. With regards to the United States passport, the Department of the US is the sole grand and authority that will offer this document.

There are over 9,000 facilities available in the US where one can apply for the passports. When you are doing the application, you are faced with two options that are the 5 and the ten years validity. The people who are 16 years and older the passports are valid for ten years and those 15 years or younger then the validity is five years.

If you are doing the application for the first time, then you should know that you have to do it in person. Some of the other pointers where you will need to do the application is if the passport has expired, and you do not have it, if it was issued over 15 years ago and you want to renew it, if you got it when you were below 16 years, or if your current one is stolen or misplaced. At the same time, those who are under 14 years should appear in person, and they should have the consent or their guardians or parents.

You have to get the right documents when you are making the applications. Some of the things that you need are the DS-11 forms, never been in ownership of a US passport in the past. The only way that you can fill up a passport through the mail is if you are renewing the previous one you had.  Check this website!

When you are replacing the one that was lost, then you should ensure that you have reported it as soon as possible. The reporting should go first before you apply for a new one. You should fill out a form that is known as the DS-16. This is a statement about a lost or stolen passport. When you submit it, then you will get an invalidation of your passport. Thus, it will not be usable for traveling. When you are filling the form, you need to ensure that all the information is accurate. In case of a mistake then this will delay the application as the data will require to be varied before the application process continues, click for more!


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